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Consumer Electronic Pricing On The Rise

Jul 18, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on Consumer Electronic Pricing On The Rise

The price of consumer electronic goods such as computers, plasmas, and LED displays will be rising in the near future due to disaster in Japan.
There are already signs of an increase in the price of memory chips and display panels for computers and game consoles due to problems at Japanese factories.
While there are few reports of actual damage at electronic production facilities, impacts on the transportation and power infrastructure will result in disruption of supply, resulting in rising prices. Components impacted will include;

  • Plasma displays
  • LED and LCD displays
  • Surround sound processors and amplifiers

Even though many electronic companies in this industry are based elsewhere, many pieces of the final product are manufactured in Japan. These necessary components are already on backorder.
Just today, I was checking the status of a 55″ LG plasma that was out for repair. I was informed that even though this display was expedited, the parts needed would not be available if they were not stocked.
My best advice to consumers at this point is to make sure all your equipment is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Remember, the better quaility the equipment, the longer it will last. Do your research before your next electronic purchase.

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