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Petrone Technology Group Protects All Your Property

Dec 9, 2010 // Blog, Security

Dude… Where’s my car? THEY STOLE YOUR NEIGHBOR’S CAR. How could this happen?  This is the type of shock that has become far too common, even in suburbia.  With Read More..

5 Reasons Petrone is the Leader in Security’s New Wave

Nov 30, 2010 // Blog

1. VISUALS You can actually SEE your house at anytime. Conventional alarms leave too much to speculation. The limitations of other alarm systems can create more confusion than clarity. Read More..

Iron Clad Home Security

Nov 29, 2010 // Blog
Iron Clad Home Security

Fight fire with fire As Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr, plays the inventor of the ultimate fighting machine in IRON MAN. He’s basically a walking computer! Before anyone even Read More..

Home Theatre 3D Technology Is Here

Nov 1, 2010 // Blog

Home Theatre Technology As many of you who are looking to improve your current home theater set up may have heard, the current trend in new televisions is adding 3D. Read More..

Top Five Home Security Tips Part 2

Oct 11, 2010 // Blog

So last time we showed you 5 tips that could help you keep your home safe, and it was a hit, so here are 5 more. These are easy Read More..

Top Five Home Security Tips Part 1

Sep 21, 2010 // Blog



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