Top Five Home Security Tips Part 1

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There are some common sense ways to help keep your home secure that don’t cost much and can make a big difference. Are these tips worth trying? Think of how you would feel to come home and see your house ransacked, or if your wife or kids were home alone and someone tried to get in. It would be worth it then, so why not prepare now. Here are five things you can do to keep your house safe:

  1. Start out by protecting your house from intruders by installing a high quality deadbolt lock on your doors. Not just the front door, but all of them. Often times an intruder will pick a back or side door to avoid being seen. You will want that door as protected as the rest of them.
  2. Become familiar with your neighbors. This one might seem silly at first, but think about how valuable it is to have one, two, or ten extra people looking out for you and your property. It is in their best interest to watch out for you, because they can feel comfortable knowing you are doing the same for them. You are, aren’t you?
  3. When you head on vacation, or even away for the weekend, why not ask someone to look after the house for you. Pick-up the mail, turn some lights on and off, and have a car in the driveway from time to time can easily prevent someone from deciding to pick your house to rob.
  4. Install motion activated lights around your house. Yes, it may wake you up at night when a cat walks past, but it will also alert you to any unusual movement around the house at night, and keep a burglar moving along to someone else’s pad.
  5. Mow your grass. Yes, you should do this anyways, but if you were a robber would you prefer to break into the guy’s house with a meticulously managed lawn? If his lawn is so well taken care of, then what else is he taking care of, like the security of his house? If you don’t have time to do this, or are on extended vacation then call a lawn service.

At the Petrone Technology Group we provide comprehensive Home Security. We have been doing this for years in the Wellington, FL area. So just give us a call and let us help you keep your home secure.

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