Video Surveillance Provides Total Security

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Monitor your house from anywhere!  Many home protection companies can offer you an alarm system, but Petrone Technology Group allows you to monitor your possessions from anywhere.  Our video cameras allow you to have the power of not only alarms but also visuals.  Visuals are what a person needs to deter criminals and also monitor any disturbance if anything did occur. Petrone gives you visual surveillance, personal control, and highest quality parts and installation in the industry.

If a person is in court trying a case, they can have written statements and verbal testimonies.  But if you have actual visual evidence, you win! The public and authorities can actually see the truth.  With Petrone Technology Group you cover all your security needs.  When a criminal knows that a building has surveillance monitoring, they don’t want to break in. If they are naive enough to try, you will actually have more evidence than most authorities will have to prosecute them.

With some security systems, you can see your property from a home monitor.  With the system that we install, you can see your home from anywhere.  You can watch from your house and job.  You can even monitor your house from your cellphone!  The police can try to piece together a crime, but when Petrone Technology Group protects you, you have all the information.

We pride ourselves on having the top quality technology and craftsmanship.  If a person settles for another brand, you will get false security and false alarms.  The technology we use has the lowest false alarm instance in the industry.  They also provide 100% customer satisfaction for the duration of your product.  The Petrone Technology Group crafts security systems around your budget and NEEDS.

Get the power of safety, control, and quality by installing a home monitoring system today.  You deserve it!

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