Regal Weapon

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Regal Weapon

We all have the ability to cause hurt.  When a person makes the choice to act, whether physically or verbally, the action cannot be taken back. Imagine if this involves a gun.  As humans, we are very strong, but also very fragile. No matter how strong, successful or aware we may be, a gun has the last say. You can be a bodybuilder and a bullet really doesn’t care. This makes a gun powerful. But what happens when human flaw comes into the picture?

We all have the right to bear arms; One the liberties granted in our great Constitution. But this should be a last resort.  With a firearm, you do not want to act too quick, because every second is high intensity.  Every choice is life changing. Who wants the pressure?  With Petrone Security, you don’t have to take action.  Your security system does all the work.  Any adjustment to the system is just a click of a button. Wouldn’t you rather security from a lazy boy over re-enacting a Lethal Weapon Movie?

Even if, God forbid, you were robbed, You will know exactly what happened; and you can correct the wrong.  This is not the same story with a gun.

A firearm is a tool used many times to enforce liberty for people and nations. With Petrone, the greatest luxury of ever possessing a firearm will be not having to use it.

Be safe, Be cautious, and take care of yourself (and one another).

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