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Dude… Where’s my car?

THEY STOLE YOUR NEIGHBOR’S CAR. How could this happen?  This is the type of shock that has become far too common, even in suburbia.  With the decline of the economy, these realities just become worse.  But they don’t have to be, if you protect yourself.

The only thing to fear is fear itself’ goes the statement.  So the answer is to face our fears.  Ignoring fear only makes you a victim.  You don’t know who to trust these days.  And that is not a harsh statement about  people.  It is a statement about fear.  We are all afraid of one another, and for good reason. There is always the threat.

A car may be stolen once a year in your neighborhood.  That may seem like a small number. Not if it’s YOURS!  Low occurrences are still occurrences and if you are not on guard, you won’t possibly be targeted. You WILL be targeted. Even if a criminal doesn’t rob your home, he has targeted it; looking for weak points; waiting for you to make a mistake.  The days of leaving your door open, went away with Andy Griffith and Mayberry.  This is a new day and hi-tech security is your best defense. Guns can create more danger and most people have dogs so nice they might give the robber a tour, rather than fight.

A home security system, complete with video surveillance  prevents the threat of home crime.  With a monitoring system that covers all facets of your building, you will be targeting the criminals; instead of the other way around. Petrone Technology Group helps you create the peace of mind that doesn’t have to be lost.

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Very Impressed!!! Petrone Technology Group was contracted to install security cameras on my home in Wellington. However, I am not very good with electronics. They made it very easy to understand and walked me through the whole system. I use my security camera system on a daily basis, even can view my house when I am out of town. They were clean, professional, and very polite. Ireccomended them to some friends after my house was finished. They too were very happy with the services provided.

- Debra S. (Wellington, FL) -

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