The Lutron RadioRA 2 System

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Lutron’s RadioRa2 is a wireless total home control system that allows you to manage home lighting, shading and energy usage through a wireless transmitter and receiver.  Instead of turning on and off the dozens of light switches in your home, you can create “scenes”, such as a bedtime scene, that with the push of one button changes all of the settings in your home.  RadioRa2 components can be installed within your existing light switches to create a stable, wireless, easy to use system.

You can save money on electricity using their application to create timers than turn lights on and off without having to see the ugly timers on your walls. A recent Petrone client is in the process of selling their home and they have created a “realtor scene” in which the realtor hits one button and the home creates the optimal staged environment.  This can be done remotely, as well, saving you from having to be at home.

Lutron RadioRa2 Features

Total home control at the touch of a button

Temperature control for energy savings and convenience

Customizable, flexible system to meet your needs

Components made to blend easily with your décor


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