Home Theatre 3D Technology Is Here

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Home Theatre Technology

As many of you who are looking to improve your current home theater set up may have heard, the current trend in new televisions is adding

3D.  However, if you haven’t shopped for one of these new televisions recently, what you may not know is that these tvs usually only come

with one or two pairs of glasses.  In order to get an extra pair, or several, for a large family or viewing party, they either are going to

cost you extra or guests will need to bring their own. Regretfully, not every proprietary 3D technology works with each

other, meaning that one pair of glasses may not work with another tv. However, that flaw in the technology’s logic hasn’t stopped designer

sunglass company Oakley from coming out with their own brand of 3D glasses specifically created to promote the release of the upcoming

Tron: Legacy film from Disney:

While it may just seem like one of a long line of licensed marketing items from Disney, If the 3D technology picks up in the homes, we

could start to see more and more designer 3D glasses. Would you pay $150 for a pair of designer 3D glasses that might not

even work with your home theater system? Let us know in the comments. If you are planning on getting a pair, you may want to check

with whomever installed your Audio/Video Home Theater and make sure they are compatible with your setup first.

If you are looking for someone to help you out then call Anthony Petrone in Palm Beach County, Florida for all your Home Theatre needs.

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