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Petrone Technology Group Protects All Your Property

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Dude… Where’s my car?

THEY STOLE YOUR NEIGHBOR’S CAR. How could this happen?  This is the type of shock that has become far too common, even in suburbia.  With the decline of the economy, these realities just become worse.  But they don’t have to be, if you protect yourself.

The only thing to fear is fear itself’ goes the statement.  So the answer is to face our fears.  Ignoring fear only makes you a victim.  You don’t know who to trust these days.  And that is not a harsh statement about  people.  It is a statement about fear.  We are all afraid of one another, and for good reason. There is always the threat.

A car may be stolen once a year in your neighborhood.  That may seem like a small number. Not if it’s YOURS!  Low occurrences are still occurrences and if you are not on guard, you won’t possibly be targeted. You WILL be targeted. Even if a criminal doesn’t rob your home, he has targeted it; looking for weak points; waiting for you to make a mistake.  The days of leaving your door open, went away with Andy Griffith and Mayberry.  This is a new day and hi-tech security is your best defense. Guns can create more danger and most people have dogs so nice they might give the robber a tour, rather than fight.

A home security system, complete with video surveillance  prevents the threat of home crime.  With a monitoring system that covers all facets of your building, you will be targeting the criminals; instead of the other way around. Petrone Technology Group helps you create the peace of mind that doesn’t have to be lost.

5 Reasons Petrone is the Leader in Security’s New Wave

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You can actually SEE your house at anytime. Conventional alarms leave too much to speculation. The limitations of other alarm systems can create more confusion than clarity. Petrone provides the detail and specifics essential to the importance of your real estate.

Having an alarm system is great…IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT. Most alarms systems are so complicated, you feel like you’re solving a calculus problem!! Some people will buy alarms systems and not even use them because it is more of a HASSLE than a HELP. Petrone is a compact remote system that is simple, but also provides all your diverse needs.

Many alarm systems come AS IS; No changes. Because of this, you end up having to settle for a product that a company thinks is best for you, rather than having one of your desire. Petrone talks to the customer and lets them design the system. Petrone gears the system around YOU.

Petrone uses top quality parts and materials. This ensures efficiency and long lasting service. Once your security system is geared to your liking, you can feel the peace of mind that comes with having the best.

After installation, Petrone creates a committed relationship with you. You not only get a top-quality alarm system, but also a support team that caters to all your product questions and needs.

Iron Clad Home Security

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Fight fire with fire

As Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr, plays the inventor of the ultimate fighting machine in IRON MAN. He’s basically a walking computer! Before anyone even thinks of battling him, their jaws drop; they’re in for DEFEAT and a pricey medical bill. Even though you’d be Mr. Popular at parties, I’m not saying you should go out and buy an Iron Man Suit. But the key to fighting is what you have AROUND you.When your weapon is so large and imposing, people concede defeat before lifting a hand. The real key to fighting, is to not fight at all.

How do you fight without fighting? Seems like an impossible task.In these times of survival, dog eat dog is a code many go by. Communication is the answer to any smart man’s problem, but many people don’t agree. You can check your nightly news and see many don’t follow ANY codes or ethics at all. How do you create the American Dream if news headlines show you the nightmare?The answer to negativity is always  DO THE NEXT POSITIVE THING. Some people say fight fire with fire,  but if you do that, you’re just creating more fire. If you feel the fire and also get burned by your own hand; it’s self defeating.

Petrone Technology Group is the new wave to counteract the unwanted enemy.It is a security system that protects you’re property through sight, detail, and the power of unsurpassed technology. It gives you the ability to SEE all and be EVERYWHERE . Through visuals, sensors, and a customer crafted remote control, you become involved in the actual invention. security is elite because we design the technology around YOU.
One of the richest men in the world is 24 year old, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. He’s a billionaire, not because he can lift 800 pounds. He’s powerful because he had a focused idea in his mind. The power is not in his fist, it surrounds him.

Home Theatre 3D Technology Is Here

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Home Theatre Technology

As many of you who are looking to improve your current home theater set up may have heard, the current trend in new televisions is adding

3D.  However, if you haven’t shopped for one of these new televisions recently, what you may not know is that these tvs usually only come

with one or two pairs of glasses.  In order to get an extra pair, or several, for a large family or viewing party, they either are going to

cost you extra or guests will need to bring their own. Regretfully, not every proprietary 3D technology works with each

other, meaning that one pair of glasses may not work with another tv. However, that flaw in the technology’s logic hasn’t stopped designer

sunglass company Oakley from coming out with their own brand of 3D glasses specifically created to promote the release of the upcoming

Tron: Legacy film from Disney:

While it may just seem like one of a long line of licensed marketing items from Disney, If the 3D technology picks up in the homes, we

could start to see more and more designer 3D glasses. Would you pay $150 for a pair of designer 3D glasses that might not

even work with your home theater system? Let us know in the comments. If you are planning on getting a pair, you may want to check

with whomever installed your Audio/Video Home Theater and make sure they are compatible with your setup first.

If you are looking for someone to help you out then call Anthony Petrone in Palm Beach County, Florida for all your Home Theatre needs.

Top Five Home Security Tips Part 2

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So last time we showed you 5 tips that could help you keep your home safe, and it was a hit, so here are 5 more. These are easy to implement as well.
  1. Did you know that most burglaries happen in the middle of the day? That’s why it is a good idea to put up drapes or window blinds on all lower level windows and doors. Windows are more likely to be broken into than doors, so keep them locked at all times, even when you are home.
  2. Everybody does it, and it comes back to bite thousands of homeowners around the US every day. We will just say it once… NEVER hide keys to your house outside. That plastic rock in your yard is a dead giveaway every time. Don’t’ say we didn’t warn you.
  3. Installing an home alarm system may sound complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right professional, it can be painless and pay for itself quickly. Find a trusted, reputable, alarm installation company, and follow their advice. They do this every day, and a good company works hard to stay up to date on new technology that can protect you.
  4. Just installing a home alarm will help protect you, but it is of added value if you pay the $10 a month or so for a company to monitor your alarm. They are there for fire, medical, and any other type of emergency as well. You might not think it is worth it until you have “fallen and can’t get up”, and would love to be able to yell into your alarm panel to get some quick help.
  5. If you are really concerned about your safety and are expecting the worse, then it might be a good idea to install a cell unit backup to your alarm panel’s telephone hookup. That way if the line is cut, everything still works just like you planned.

These are our top 10 tips to keep home security manageable and simple. For all your alarm installation needs the Petrone Technology Group is here to help.

Top Five Home Security Tips Part 1

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There are some common sense ways to help keep your home secure that don’t cost much and can make a big difference. Are these tips worth trying? Think of how you would feel to come home and see your house ransacked, or if your wife or kids were home alone and someone tried to get in. It would be worth it then, so why not prepare now. Here are five things you can do to keep your house safe:

  1. Start out by protecting your house from intruders by installing a high quality deadbolt lock on your doors. Not just the front door, but all of them. Often times an intruder will pick a back or side door to avoid being seen. You will want that door as protected as the rest of them.
  2. Become familiar with your neighbors. This one might seem silly at first, but think about how valuable it is to have one, two, or ten extra people looking out for you and your property. It is in their best interest to watch out for you, because they can feel comfortable knowing you are doing the same for them. You are, aren’t you?
  3. When you head on vacation, or even away for the weekend, why not ask someone to look after the house for you. Pick-up the mail, turn some lights on and off, and have a car in the driveway from time to time can easily prevent someone from deciding to pick your house to rob.
  4. Install motion activated lights around your house. Yes, it may wake you up at night when a cat walks past, but it will also alert you to any unusual movement around the house at night, and keep a burglar moving along to someone else’s pad.
  5. Mow your grass. Yes, you should do this anyways, but if you were a robber would you prefer to break into the guy’s house with a meticulously managed lawn? If his lawn is so well taken care of, then what else is he taking care of, like the security of his house? If you don’t have time to do this, or are on extended vacation then call a lawn service.

At the Petrone Technology Group we provide comprehensive Home Security. We have been doing this for years in the Wellington, FL area. So just give us a call and let us help you keep your home secure.


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